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Whether you’re currently working in the childcare sector or want to nab your dream childcare job, Barrow Training & Consultancy has a course for you. Our professional childcare courses are QQI accredited, providing level 5 and level 6 childcare courses in a wide range of different areas of childcare. As well as our range of early childhood care and education courses, including SNA courses online, we have a huge selection of workshops available for existing childcare workers which range from Aistear online courses and Siolta implementation training to challenging behaviour control and autism awareness courses.
Whether you’re continuing education in your chosen career field or pursuing a new career in childcare, why not call now and find out how our childcare courses could benefit you?

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Benefits of a QQI-accredited Childcare Course

QQI (Quality and Qualifications Ireland) is Ireland's national awarding body for further education and training. A childcare course that is QQI-accredited means that it has met certain standards for quality and content set by QQI. Some potential benefits of taking a QQI-accredited childcare course may include the following:

  • Recognition: A QQI-accredited qualification may be recognised by employers and other organisations as a sign of certain knowledge and skill in childcare.
  • Transferability: QQI-accredited qualifications may be more easily transferable to colleges, universities, or countries.
  • Assurance of quality: QQI accreditation can assure students that their course meets specific standards for quality and content.

It's important to note that while a QQI accreditation can be a good indicator of a quality course, it's not the only way to assess the quality of a childcare course. Students should also research the course content, the qualifications and experience of the instructors, and the reputation of the institution offering the course before making a decision.

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