Have you completed a VDU assessment on your staff?


VDU’s are widely used in all industry today and are a contributing factor to back injury, eye strain from poor ergonomics and eye strain from incorrect positioning of equipment or in regard to lighting.

The General Application Regulations 2007 contains a list of minimum requirements in which the employer is obliged to carry out a risk assessment of each VDU workstation.


This assessment will also look at the equipment, software, ventilation, lighting levels, access & egress, ergonomics, good housekeeping, space requirements, noise, eye tests, electrical cables/electricity, manual handling, stress due to VDU work and all office furniture. There are minimum requirements and standards required which cover all these areas.


This assessment will also evaluate the employee’s routine, positioning and seating in relation to their VDU and training levels provide to staff.


What are the employer’s duties in providing health and safety protection for employees who habitually use display screen equipment?


The employer is required to perform an analysis of individual workstations in order to evaluate the safety and health of employees, with particular reference to eyesight, physical difficulties and mental stress.

A competent person with the necessary skills, training and experience must complete this analysis. Steps must be taken to remedy any risks to safety and health identified


Benefits of VDU Workstation Assessments :


  • Allow the employer to meet his legal requirements
  • Provide the management with an understanding of the design problems or underlying engineering/ventilation problem of the individual workstations or office
  • Reduce the level of RSI or Work Related Upper Limb Disorders (WRULDs) injuries and eye sight problems
  • Provides staff with a safer and more beneficial working environment
  • Reduces stressing and fatigue factors related to the work environment
  • Allows the employer to identify and put in place any extra training and information that may be required for employees.

Barrow Training will visit your premises and conduct a VDU assessment on all staff


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