Joe Manning , Director, Barrow Training

Hi all,

I spent the weekend planting my strawberries and tomatoes. My pear tree (singular) and apple tree (also singular) have a healthy crop of blossoms so all is looking good so far.

I’ve given up trying to get super fit for our forthcoming Bike trip in Italy and requested an electric bike – after all it is supposed to be a holiday!

Having just completed a number of training programmes, at levels 5 & 6 I have been reflecting on the changing training environment.

So, for what it’s worth here are my thoughts.

There will be a growth in in-service training. This training will be at level 6 and 7 and will be certified, not always by QQI but by educational institutions and professional bodies.    As a trainer updating your own cv will be important here.

Training at level 5 will be more demanding as the participants will be starting from a lower educational and motivational level. Ideally more time could be spent identifying the abilities and interests of potential of possible participants.

A major issue in the health care sector is employee retention, especially with HCA’s. Being a Health Care Assistant is not a particularly attractive proposition today, poor pay and the lack of career advancement are the main problems. Pay will rise, slowly, and has risen in some areas, Dublin in particular.

Career advancement is a trickier issue.  Griffith College together with Nursing Homes Ireland, are proposing a Healthcare Apprenticeship at level 6.    This could take some time and seems to me to be aimed at new entrants to healthcare.  There is a need to cater for HCA’s with a full level 5 who want to advance their careers. There is a clear career path in Childcare, at present there is no such path in Healthcare.

Anyway, these are a few thoughts for you as you apply the factor 30 in the coming months.

Regards to all