How to Obtain Funding – Unemployed

For people who are currently unemployed wishing to partake in Barrow Training’s courses you may qualify for Department of Social Welfare funding.

Funding is assessed on a case by case basis and is at the discretion of your local Social Welfare Case Officer (Job Facilitator).

To check your eligibility you need to book an appointment with a Local Case officer (Job Facilitator) through the Intreo Office in which you are using at present.

  • When you receive an appointment date with your Case Officer, he/she will go through your application and make sure that the course in which you are applying for is adding to your personal progression plan and ultimately will help in gaining full-time employment.
  • If the application for funding is successful you will receive a TESG funding form which Barrow Training will complete and then return it to your Local Social Welfare Office.
  • You will then receive a confirmation letter from Intero which confirms your funding and which can be given to Barrow when you book your course.

How to Obtain Funding – Employed

Your course may be eligible from funding of up to 25% from a Skillnet. Please contact Barrow for further details.

Supports & Guidance

There are numerous organisations that can provide support and guidance for those interesting in doing a FET Course.

Barrow Training have guidance officers who can also provide information and advice.

Useful websites



One Step Up website

Skills to Work website

Careers Portal Website

National Centre for Guidance in Education