When can I start my course?

Our QQI online courses and workshops do not have any set Start Date, the courses run throughout the year. You can start the course as soon as you enrol on the programme and fees are paid.


How long do I have to complete my course?

Each learner will have between 6 and 12 weeks to complete QQI Level 5 or Level 6 module.

For online Certificates and diploma courses you have up to 6 weeks to complete.

Your support tutor will check in with you weekly.

Extensions can be applied for and are assessed on an individual basis.


Do you accept any funding?

We accept Social Welfare Funding. All you will need is to arrange an appointment with your local Social Welfare officer and enquire about applying for a TESG Form.

A Training Support Grant (TSG) is available to jobseekers and people getting certain other payments. The TSG provides quick access to short-term training that is not immediately available from a State provider or that will help you get a job quickly.

This can provide funding to the learner of up to €500 towards a grant under this scheme if it meets your identified needs.


Do I need to complete work placement?

Some of our QQI online courses will require practical work experience. Your support tutor will advise you of this at the beginning of your course or you can inquire at time of booking.

You do not need work placement to complete any of our online certificate or diploma courses.


My course has a skills demonstration/ exam, how do I complete this?

If your course consists of a skills demonstration or exam, we will accommodate you.

Skills Demonstrations  or exams outlined in any of the online courses regarding Childcare or Healthcare will be arranged between the student and their online support tutor  at the start of the course.


My Diploma / Certificate course contains a competency assessment, how do I complete this.

On completion of your online theory training and knowledge test, there are two options available to complete your competency test.

You come to us: Barrow training & consultancy training venue.


We go to you: (minimum Numbers apply)

You will be given these options when enrolling and a date will be organised with your support tutor.


What support will I get throughout my course?

Once you enrol you will be appointed a support tutor , who is highly qualified & accessible at any time. We have in-house tutors, whom you can contact through phone & email. All our Childcare and Healthcare tutors are highly qualified individuals with vast and relevant industry experience.

Each leaner is provided with one to one tutor support and can avail of one to one meetings and additional accommodation if required.


How do I enrol?

Enrolment and registration is completed online at, you can call us on 059-9721416 or email /


What are my payment options?

All QQI Modules are €245 each

Special offer available of €969 for full QQI Level 5 & 6 courses



Online Certificates and diplomas start from €25 and upwards


No hidden costs – 100% transparency on all course fees

We accept card payments, cash, backdrafts, postal orders or bank transfer

You can pay online or over the phone