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Why Choose Barrow Training

At Barrow Training, we also offer the opportunity to complete a lot of our courses and workshops online. This offers you flexibility, convenience, accessibility and less hassle!

All you need is a laptop, pc and internet connection, study anywhere, anytime at your own pace.

For accredited courses:
- You can download or view your course resources online and upload your assessments when you are ready.
- You will also have Tutor support throughout the programme. All our Tutors are subject matter experts and will provide feedback on your assessments/progress as required.
- When you have completed all your assessments fully, your work is assessed, verified and your certificate is then issued to you.
- All course work pre-assessed before submitted for correction

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  Course Accreditation
  Child Development 5N1764QQI Level 5
  Work Experience 5N1356QQI Level 5
  Early Care and Education Practice 5N1770QQI Level 5
  Early Childhood Education and Play 5N1773QQI Level 5
  School Age Childcare 5N1781QQI Level 5
  Child Health & Well Being 5N1765QQI Level 5
  Communications 5N0690QQI Level 5
  Special Needs Assisting 5N1786QQI Level 5
  Major Award in Early Childhood Care & Education Level 5 5M2009QQI Level 5
  Child Development 6N1942QQI Level 6
  Child Psychology 6N2023QQI Level 6
  Early Childhood Curriculum 6N1944QQI Level 6
  Early Learning Environment 6N1933QQI Level 6
  Supervision in Early Childhood Care 6N1933QQI Level 6
  Communications 6N1950QQI Level 6
  Childhood Social, Health and Legal Studies 6N1945QQI Level 6
  Equality and Diversity 6N1974QQI Level 6
  Team Leadership 6N1948QQI Level 6
  Work Practice 6N1947QQI Level 6
  Major Award in Early Childhood Care & Education Level 6 6M2007QQI Level 6
  Understanding the Autistic SpectrumBarrow Training
  The Implementation of AistearBarrow Training
  The Implementation of SioltaBarrow Training
  Infection ControlBarrow Training
  Safe Administration of Medication (SAM)Barrow Training
  Certified Food Safety EssentialsBarrow Training
  Certified Principles of HACCP and Food Safety – Level 2Barrow Training
  Manual HandlingBarrow Training
  Certified Fire Safety AwarenessBarrow Training
  Food Allergen AwarenessBarrow Training
  Serving Alcohol SensiblyBarrow Training
  Health and Safety InductionBarrow Training
  Retail Customer Care AwarenessBarrow Training
  Epilepsy AwarenessBarrow Training
  Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastronomy Tube (PEG) TrainingBarrow Training
  Certified GDPR AwarenessBarrow Training
  Dealing with Challenging BehaviourBarrow Training
  End of lifeBarrow Training
  Nebuliser TherapyBarrow Training
  Safeguarding Vulnerable People at Risk of AbuseBarrow Training
  Oxygen TrainingBarrow Training
  Children First Guidelines for Mandated PersonsBarrow Training