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Full QQI Level 5/6 Childcare Course Online
Special Price of €949
Individual Modules €245
Easy pay instalments of 6 x €199

Barrow Training deliver Early Childhood Care & Education QQI Level 5 & 6 modules through classroom directed learning and distance learning. All learners must complete their level 5 training prior to progressing onto their level 6 qualification.

Level 5 Qualification: This training enables the learner to build the knowledge and skills required to work in a childcare facility under supervision. Learners will develop a range of personal and interpersonal qualities required to work in a childcare environment and it will also prepare learners to work safely and effectively with children.

Level 6 Qualification: This training aims to equip the enable the learner to acquire the knowledge, skill and competence to work as an autonomous practitioner and or take responsibility for the work of others in leading and coordinating the provision of a quality early childhood care and education environment which promotes children's well-being, development and learning.


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Dealing with Challenging Behaviour
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Why Choose Barrow Training

At Barrow Training, we also offer the opportunity to complete a lot of our courses online. This offers you flexibility, convenience, accessibility and less hassle!

With Barrow courses, all you need is a laptop, pc and internet connection, Study anywhere, anytime at your own pace

You can download or view your course resources online and upload your assessments when you are ready.

You will also have Tutor support throughout the programme if you have problems and your Tutor (Subject Matter expert) will provide feedback on your assessments/progress as required.

When you have completed all your assessments fully, your work is assessed, verified and your certificate is then issued to you.

All course work pre-assessed before submitted for correction.

 CourseStart DateAccreditationDurationVenue
 Special Needs Assisting 5N1786 Naas18/02/2019QQI Level 54 DaysBagenalstown
 Special Needs Assisting 5N1786 Naas – Bundle Available18/02/2019QQI Level 54 DaysNaas
 Childhood Social, Health and Legal Studies 6N194520/02/2019QQI Level 64 DaysWaterford
 Special Needs Assisting 6N1957 Bagenalstown28/02/2019QQI Level 64 DaysBagenalstown
 Child Psychology 6N202327/03/2019QQI Level 64 DaysWaterford
 Special Needs Assisting 6N1957 – Naas – Bundle Available08/04/2019QQI Level 64 DaysNaas
 Child Health & Well Being 5N1765On-GoingQQI Level 5OnlineOnline
 School Age Childcare 5N1781On-GoingQQI Level 5OnlineOnline
 Early Learning Environment 6N1933On-GoingQQI Level 6OnlineOnline
 Child Development 6N1942On-GoingQQI Level 6OnlineOnline
 Work Experience 5N135614/11/2025QQI Level 5Duration TBCOnline
 The Implementation of Siolta20/11/2025Barrow Training2 - 3 hoursOnline
 Child Psychology 6N2023On-GoingQQI Level 6OnlineOnline
 Child Development 5N1764On-GoingQQI Level 5OnlineOnline
 Children First Guidelines for Mandated Persons13/02/2026Barrow Training1 DayOnline
 Early Childhood Curriculum 6N1944On-GoingQQI Level 6OnlineOnline
 Early Childhood Education and Play 5N1773On-GoingQQI Level 5OnlineOnline
 Communications 5N0690On-GoingQQI Level 5OnlineOnline
 Communications 6N1950On-GoingQQI Level 6OnlineOnline
 Supervision in Early Childhood Care 6N1933On-GoingQQI Level 6OnlineOnline
 Team Leadership 6N1948On-GoingQQI Level 6OnlineOnline
 The Implementation of Aistear23/12/2026Barrow Training2 - 3 hoursOnline
 Major Award in Early Childhood Care & Education Level 5 5M2009On-GoingQQI Level 5OnlineOnline
 Major Award in Early Childhood Care & Education Level 6 6M2007On-GoingQQI Level 6OnlineOnline
 Equality and Diversity 6N1974On-GoingQQI Level 6OnlineOnline
 Understanding the Autistic Spectrum11/11/2027Barrow Training3 - 4 hoursOnline
 Nutrition 5N2006Dates TBCQQI Level 55 DaysVenue TBC
 Child ProtectionDates TBCBarrow Training1 DayVenue TBC
 Social Studies 5N1370Dates TBCQQI Level 55 DaysVenue TBC
 Developing an Emergent CurriculumDates TBCBarrow Training1 DayVenue TBC
 Creative Studies for Special Needs QQI 6N1972Dates TBCQQI Level 64 DaysVenue TBC
 Forest School TrainingDates TBCBarrow Training1-2 DaysVenue TBC
 Early Care and Education Practice 5N1770On-GoingQQI Level 5OnlineVenue TBC
 Team Leadership 6N1948Dates TBCQQI Level 64 DaysVenue TBC
 “Our Helping Hands” Massage Stories for Children in Early Years EducationDates TBCBarrow Training1 DayVenue TBC
 Early Childhood Curriculum 6N1944Dates TBCQQI Level 64 DaysVenue TBC
 Early Care and Education Practice 5N1770Dates TBCQQI Level 54 DaysVenue TBC
 Supervision in Early Childhood Care 6N1973Dates TBCQQI Level 68 EveningsVenue TBC
 Early Childhood Care and Education QQI Level 5Dates TBCAccreditation TBCDuration TBCVenue TBC