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Aim: The purpose of this award is to equip the learner with the knowledge, skill and competence required for employment in a Social Care Setting.

Participant Profile: Course is suitable for those who require a formal qualification and skills to work in a social care/healthcare setting.

Duration: 5 days in a classroom setting. Learners will be required to complete work outside of class time.

Status: Elective Minor component Healthcare Support Level 5
Credit Value: 15 credits of 120 credits required to achieve a major award in Healthcare Support 5M4339


Some of the learning outcomes include:

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of sociology and its relevance to understanding their position as an individual, a family member and as part of a community and wider society
  2. Discuss the process of socialisation and the agents of socialisation by analysing family peer groups, education, media and how they impact on their lives
  3. Examine the area of social stratification in Irish society and describe how this society can be divided into different social strata ie class, gender, race/ethnicity
  4. Discuss the impact of discrimination on individuals in society by looking at discrimination and its impact on the following members of society – travellers, the socially marginalised, elderly people, immigrant and migrant workers of diverse racially and cultural backgrounds, minority religions and homosexuals and transsexuals
  5. Explore the role and function of the family as a social unit, the changes that have taken place in the family within an Irish


Assessment: Project 50% Examination Theory 50% Learners will receive assignment briefs and guidelines on completing these assessments.
Tutor Profile: All tutors are highly qualified and experienced healthcare experts.
Support: A range of accommodations and supports are available according to specific learner needs. One to one and email support available from tutors throughout the course.
Resources: Learners receive a comprehensive resource pack that can be used as a reference during and after the course.
Booking Process & Fee: Booking Form available by email to admin@barrowtraining.ie or online at www.barrowtraining.ie. Discounts available if the course is booked and paid in full online.
Transfer/progression: Successful completion enables the learner to transfer to programmes leading to other certificates where this component is a mandatory or an elective requirement at Level 5 & 6.

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