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Participant Profile: Anyone who has an interest in photography or wants to improve their photographic skills.
This short course introduces new photographers to the basic yet powerful functions of a DSLR Camera, the starting point for any photography enthusiast.
Participant must own their own Digital camera to gain maximum benefit from this workshop.


All DSLR cameras operate in essentially the same way and this course aims to give students that essential knowledge that will let them take control of their photography instead of constantly wondering why the shot is too dark or why it’s blurry.
The tutor, David, from David Andrew Photography will show you how to utilize a range of functions on your DSLR camera, including how to freeze a galloping horse at 1000th of a second, how to blur out your backgrounds or have your shot in focus as far as the horizon. How to choose the correct ISO setting to suit the available light and how to compose your shot effectively.
David will also explain how and when to use the 3 essential components of the Photo Triangle: The ISO, The Aperture and The Shutterspeed.


Entry Requirement: A strong interest of photography. Candidates must own their own DSLR camera.
Assessment: This course is 50/50 theory and practical. Your individual photos will be assessed and shown where you can improve on them.
Tutor Profile: David Andrew CRSWPP, ASWPP, ASDA, CPTA is highly qualified and experienced in the Photography Industry.
Support: A range of accommodations and supports are available according to specific learner needs. One to one and email support available from tutors
Resources: Learners receive a comprehensive resource pack that can be used as a reference during and after the course.
Booking Process & Fee: Booking Form available by email to admin@barrowtraining.ie or online at www.barrowtraining.ie

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