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Course Information:

Aim: To understand financial terminology, to develop an awareness of the key elements to good financial management. To demonstrate an ability to read and understand financial statements and to be able to assess financial performance and the viability of an entity

Participant Profile: Course is suitable for those who require a formal qualification and skills to work in a management/supervisory role.

Duration: 6 days (1 day per week) in a classroom setting. Learners will be required to complete work outside of class time.

Status: Mandatory Minor component

Credit Value: 15 Credits towards 120 credits in Management Level 6 award 6M4587

Programme Outcomes:

Some learning outcomes of the component include:

  1. Distinguish between different types of accounts
  2. Know the main types of accountancy bodies in the Republic of Ireland
  3. Explain financial terminology relating to financial statements
  4. Outline the main sources of regulation which govern financial reporting
  5. Understand the main components of a Balance Sheet and be able to analyse it
  6. Understand the main components of a Trading, Profit and Loss Account and be able to analyse it
  7. Understand the main components of a cash flow statement and be able to be able to analyse it
  8. Understand and be able to state the difference between profit and cash
  9. Use ratios to assess financial performance of an entity
  10. List non-financial factors which may impact on an entities financial performance
  11. Comment and make recommendations on liquidity, operational efficiency, profitability and return on investment
  12. Recognise a budgetary control system valuate and comment on budgetary data
  13. Analyse and evaluate cash flow projections


Entry Requirement: Minimum of Level 5 certificate standard of education or management experience. A strong level of spoken and written English required.
Assessment: Assignment 40% Examination Theory 60% Learners will receive assignment briefs and guidelines on completing these assessments.
Support: A range of accommodations and supports are available according to specific learner needs. One to one and email support available from tutors throughout the course.
Resources: Learners receive a comprehensive resource pack that can be used as a reference during and after the course.
Booking Process & Fee: Booking Form available by email to admin@barrowtraining.ie or online at www.barrowtraining.ie. Discounts available if the course is booked and paid in full online.
Transfer/progression: Successful completion enables the learner to transfer to programmes leading to other certificates where this component is a mandatory or an elective requirement at Level 6.

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