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Aim: To equip the learner will the knowledge, understanding and skills to work as a Barista. You will develop the skills to make various types of coffees and tea that are regularly prepared for customers. You will also look at the full range of equipment, identify safety aspects and be able to recognise common faults so you can operate the equipment to deliver the desired drink quality.
Participant Profile: Course is suitable for those who require a formal qualification and skills to work in the Hospitality/Tourism Industry.
Duration: 2 days or equivalent contact delivery days in a classroom setting. Learners will be required to complete work outside of class time.


  1. Be able to display drink building techniques
    -Calibrate pieces of equipment as necessary -Operate pieces of equipment to produce the drink required -Check drink meets quality standards and correct as necessary
  2. Be able to clean and check equipment
    -Check and clean equipment before use -Check and clean equipment after use -Dispose of waste safely and hygienically
  3. Be able to demonstrate product knowledge
    -Outline characteristics of the product to customers -Deal with customer queries effectively -Handle and store products and ingredients correctly and safely
  4. Be able to serve customers


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