June Submissions to QQI

​June Submission to QQI

Barrow Training wish to assure learners that, despite the current pandemic, we have worked to ensure that results will be submitted to QQI for certification in June, as planned.

All assessments to be included in this certification period have already undergone the internal verification process. Internal verification is the process by which Barrow Training itself checks that assessment procedures have been applied consistently and correctly, and to verify the arithmetic and administrative accuracy of assessment results. Barrow Training completes 100% internal verification of its assessments.

External authentication of these assessments took place on Monday, May the 25th. This usually involves a site visit to the Barrow Training centre from a subject matter expert who has no relationship with Barrow Training. The external authentication process ensures that assessments are valid, reliable and consistent with the requirements for the
relevant awards. Due to the very unique times we are living in, this process instead took place remotely and required a lot of planning and preparation to ensure it ran smoothly. Many thanks to the external authenticator for facilitating this.

The next stage of the certification process involves the results approval panel meeting. Again, this will look a little different, and will take place via Microsoft Teams. The results approval panel will meet to review and approve assessment results, review reports of the internal verification and external authentication processes, and agree to the submission of final results to QQI for certification.

Results will be submitted to QQI before June 12th and certificates will have arrived to the Barrow Training centre by July 21st. We endeavour to issue certificates to learners as quickly as possible once received. Please be aware that if the office remains closed and we are still working from home at that stage, we will have less people involved in this process and it may take a little longer than usual. We appreciate your patience as we issue certificates as quickly as we can.

Well done to all of our students and learners receiving certification in July from all at Barrow Training!


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