​Information on Funding Options

Technical Employment Support Grant (TESG)

If you are in receipt of any of the following payments from the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection (DEASP), you may qualify for a Technical Employment Support Grant of up to €1,000:

• Jobseeker’s Allowance
• Jobseeker’s Benefit
• Disability Allowance
• Illness Benefit (minimum 6 months)

Funding is assessed on a case-by-case basis and is at the discretion of the local DEASP Case Officer.
To check your eligibility and obtain an application form, book an appointment with a Case Officer in your local Intreo Centre.

More information is available on the government website: https://www.gov.ie/en/service/11dbee-training-supp...

Current Employers

Many Barrow Training learners have approached their current workplace to ask for assistance in funding a programme, which in return could lead to productivity or staff development benefits for the company.

Many workplaces already have training funds and policies in place for their staff.

Skillnet Ireland

Skillnet Ireland receives funding from the National Training Fund through the Department of Education and Skills. Skillnet Networks work with businesses and organisations in specific sectors, developing bespoke solutions to meet existing and emerging skills needs within those sectors.

Barrow Training courses may be eligible for funding of up to 25% from a Skillnet.

More information is available on the Skillnet website: https://www.skillnetireland.ie/


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